For over 25 years, we have been supporting doctors and pharmacists in creating and delivering individual treatment plans for patients. We also support the autonomy of therapeutic decisions made by doctors, believing that as a manufacturer of compounding substances we contribute to targeted and tailored therapies that have a direct impact on the health and well-being of each patient.


Our values unite our employees and are the values of our patients.


We act with integrity, that is to say in accordance with the law, ethical principles, procedures and good practices.


We do what we declare; in our decisions and actions we remember about what matters and directly affects people’s health and life as well as the environment.


We work and maintain the highest standards, both in manufacturing and in service, ensuring them at every stage of our cooperation with customers.


Good relations are the key to close cooperation based on trust and help in achieving mutual success, which is our mission.


At Amara we have a clear vision of the future. We aspire to being a company that provides innovative and comprehensive products and services to doctors and pharmacists to facilitate the application of personalised treatments. We wish to be more than just a manufacturer – we wish to support health initiatives and develop our customers’ opportunities through education, as well as long-term relationships based on trust and experience.