Pharmaceutical compouding

We offer a wide range of substances for pharmaceutical compounding. We have compounding products in the loose form or in liquid form, as well as spirits, tinctures, oils or bases.
We also offer packaging for compounded drugs.

Pharmaceutical compounding – personalised treatment

  • Its most important advantage is the ability to adapt the dose or concentration of the active substance in the formula to meet the individual needs of the patient, their age and severity of the disease. Very often there is a need to use concentrations or doses of medicinal substances smaller than those available in ready preparations.

  • The major advantage of most compounded drugs is the absence of preservatives, fragrances and dyes in their formula.

  • It’s needed and indispensable! – in particular in the field of dermatology and paediatrics, in medicines for young children, e.g. cardiac or anti-allergic pills; ointments and creams, used in large quantities by patients with, e.g. , atopic dermatitis or allergies

  • There are no ready-made alternatives