A list of ready-made drugs that can be treated as pharmaceutical raw materials

  1. Aqua pro iniectione(Aqua pro iniectione) solvent for the preparation of parenteral drugs;
  2. Azulan(Chamomillae anthodii/Matricariae floris extractum fluidum) oral fluid, fluid for use in the oral cavity, skin fluid;
  3. Cardiamidum(Nicethamidum) oral drops, solution;
  4. Devikap(Colecalciferolum/Cholecalciferolum) oral fluid;
  5. Fenactil(Chlorpromazini hydrochloridum) oral drops, solution;
  6. Injectio Natrii chlorati isotonica (Natrii chloridum) solution for injection;
  7. Intractum Hippocastani(Hippocastani intractum) oral fluid;
  8. Intractum Hyperici (Hyperici herbae intractum) oral fluid;
  9. Juvit D3 (Colecalciferolum/Cholecalciferolum) oral drops, solution;
  10. Linomag (Lini oleum virginale) skin fluid;
  11. Mentowal (Menthyli isovaleras) oral drops, solution;
  12. Neospasmina (Extractum fluidum ex: Crataegi fructu et Valerianae radice) syrup;
  13. Passispasmin (Extractum fluidum compositum ex: Crataegi fructu, Valerianae radice, Lupuli flore, Passiflorae herba) syrup;
  14. Burow’s solution (Aluminii subacetatis solutio) skin fluid;
  15. Sirupus Kalii guajacolosulfonici(Sulfogaiacolum FP) syrup;
  16. Sirupus Pini compositus(Pini extractum fluidum, Foeniculi tinctura, Codeini phosphas hemihydricus) syrup;
  17. Succus Hyperici(Hyperici herbae succus) oral fluid;
  18. Succus Taraxaci(Taraxaci radicis succus) oral fluid;
  19. Succus Urticae (Urticae herbae succus) oral fluid;
  20. Althaea syrup(Althaeae sirupus FP) syrup;
  21. Compound thyme syrup (Thymi sirupus compositus FP) syrup;
  22. Tussipect (Ephedrini hydrochloridum, Thymi extractum, Saponinum) syrup;
  23. Vigantol(Colecalciferolum/Cholecalciferolum) oral drops, solution;
  24. Vitaminum A(Retinolum) oral fluid;
  25. Vitaminum A Hasco(Retinolum) oral drops, solution;
  26. Vitaminum A+D3 (Colecalciferolum/Cholecalciferolum, Retinolum) oral fluid;
  27. Vitaminum B6(Pyridoxini hydrochloridum) solution for injection;
  28. Vitaminum E(Tocopheroli acetas) oral fluid;
  29. Vitaminum E Hasco (Tocopheroli acetas) oral drops, solution.