Quantities of the compounded drug administered

Quantities of compounded drugs for ‘one lump sum’ according to the latest regulation of the Minister of Health of 1 January, 2012 (JOURNAL OF LAWS 192, ITEM 1141).

Drug form Quantity
Split pills up to 20 pcs
Non-split pills (simple and complex) up to 80 g
Suppositories, intravaginal tablets, sticks up to 12 pcs
Solutions, mixtures, suspensions, emulsions up to 250 g
Liquid drugs for external use (if they contain spirit, the quantity of spirit calculated at 95º may not exceed 100 g) up to 500 g
Ointments, creams, liniments, pastes up to 100 g
Drops for internal and external use up to 40 g
Herbal mixes up to 100 g
Pills up to 30 pcs
Gelatina adhesiva up to 500 g
Eye, ear and nose drops and ointments prepared in aseptic conditions up to 10 g