AMADERM dermatological preparations

Dry, dehydrated skin with a tendency to keratinisation needs deep moisturising. The solution for it is the Amaderm line of creams with urea which does not irritate even highly sensitive skin. It is perfect for the cosmetic care of the skin with atopic dermatitis, as well as during different therapies or treatments causing skin dryness or irritation. It contains no fragrance, parabens or petroleum products. Amaderm creams have been dermatologically tested and their effectiveness has been clinically proven. Thanks to their light consistency, Amaderm creams absorb very quickly and provide a feeling of comfort.


AMADERM moisturising lotion softens and smoothes the dry, rough skin on the whole body. Deep and intensive hydration makes your skin feel nice to the touch and eliminates the unpleasant feeling of tightness. The lotion increases suppleness of the skin and makes it firm, giving it a young, fresh look all day long. Delicate lubrication protects it against environmental factors – temperature changes, strong wind and contaminants. AMADERM moisturising lotion restores the normal hydrolipidic film, thereby rebuilding the proper condition of the superficial epidermis layers.


AMADERM 40% intensive exfoliating cream effectively exfoliates even very keratinized epidermis and thickened skin, and also prevents its re-growth. Nourishes and regenerates rough skin and nail plate. Effectively soothes irritations caused by keratinization and cracks of the epidermis. The light consistency of the product allows it to be quickly absorbed, leaving no viscous feeling. Urea – at a concentration of 40% intensively exfoliates the skin and accelerates its regeneration.


The AMADERM UREA 30% regenerating and exfoliating cream is intended for rough, dry skin on the feet with a tendency to cracking and excessive keratinisation. It eliminates the symptoms of skin dryness and keratinised epidermis caused by genetic factors, weather conditions, and also associated with dermocosmetic treatments. It causes no irritation even in people with skin that is very sensitive or prone to allergic reactions.


AMADERM 15% moisturising and regenerating cream is intended for dry, rough skin prone to flaking. It protects the hands, elbows and knees from dehydration and drying caused by external or genetic factors, or with dermocosmetic treatments. AMADERM UREA 15% moisturises and regenerates rough skin, without causing irritation even in the case of very sensitive and allergic skin.


AMADERM 5% moisturising cream provides intensive and long-lasting moisturisation for dry skin on the face. It is recommended for ski dryness with different backgrounds, from genetic factors to dryness caused by weather conditions. In addition, AMADERM UREA 5% cream effectively soothes irritation associated with dermocosmetic therapies and treatments causing skin irritation or dryness. Application tests confirm that AMADERM UREA 5% moisturising cream does not cause any irritation, even in the case of very sensitive skin prone to allergies.


Ointment with protective, softening and greasing properties. Nourishes irritated, damaged skin or with symptoms of excessive dryness or roughness and irritated nipples.


AMADERM moisturising lotion is intended for adults, for dry, rough skin on the whole body. It is recommended for skin dryness with different backgrounds – genetic, caused by external factors or dermocosmetic therapies. The lotion formula consists exclusively of natural ingredients for sensitive skin prone to allergies.


AMADERM moisturising and soothing anti-dandruff shampoo is a specialist product for scalp and hair with anti-dandruff and nurturing properties. It effectively fights symptoms of various types of dandruff, both dry and oily, and prevents its relapse. It has antibacterial properties and normalises sebaceous gland activity. It protects the microflora (natural protective barrier) of the scalp. Moisturises the scalp and soothes irritation and redness. Effectively reduces itching and burning.

AMADERM® ATOPIC Ultra-Mild Face Wash Gel

AMADERM® ATOPIC Ultra-Mild Face Wash Gel is a product designed for everyday use to cleanse the sensitive, dry, easily irritated skin of the face, neck, décolleté and eye area. Also recommended for people wearing contact lenses.

AMADERM® ATOPIC Mild Syndet for Face and Body

AMADERM® ATOPIC Mild Syndet for Face and Body is a cleansing product for infants, children and adults, also recommended for scalp washing and care.

AMADERM ATOPIC Moisturising and Soothing Cream-Gel for the Eyelids and Eye Area

AMADERM® ATOPIC Moisturising and Soothing Cream-Gel for the Eyelids and Eye Area is designed for irritated, dried, sensitive skin of the eyelids and the eye area, with a tendency to allergies. It can be used to reduce symptoms of fatigue, such as dark circles or puffy eyes.

AMADERM® ATOPIC Light Emollient Cream for Face and Body

AMADERM® ATOPIC Light Emollient Cream for Face and Body is intended for daily care and nutrition of dry, sensitive and delicate skin, with a tendency to atopy and allergy. The product is dedicated to use on the skin of the face and body of infants from the very first day of life, as well as for children and adults, to moisturise the skin and alleviate the symptoms of irritation – itching and burning – and to reduce redness of the skin. It helps to effectively rebuild and reinforce the natural lipid barrier.

AMADERM® ATOPIC Light Nourishing and Regenerating Face Cream

AMADERM® ATOPIC Light Nourishing and Regenerating Face Cream is designed for daily care of dry or very dry skin, with symptoms of a damaged hydrolipid barrier of the epidermis, as well as for sensitive skin and with a tendency to atopy. It has a soothing effect, brings relief for dry, problematic and demanding skin, supports the process of regeneration of the epidermis and soothes irritations. It also moisturises, nourishes, reduces roughness and prevents flaking of the skin.

AMADERM® TRICHO Cleansing and Exfoliating Trichological Peeling

AMADERM® TRICHO Cleansing and Exfoliating Trichological Peeling contains a carefully selected complex of ingredients with keratolytic effect to exfoliate excessively callous scalp and eyebrows. Regular use of the product prevents the formation of new lesions, and the content of sodium lactate, lactic acid and panthenol provides relief and soothes irritations. Substances with a moisturising effect restore the physiological balance of the skin, offer intensive moisturisation and soften the skin, reducing the sense of tightness, roughness, itching and burning. The product protects the microflora that constitute the natural protective barrier of the skin, and the addition of Exfo-Bio® with extracts of tropical fruits supports cell renewal and stimulates the process of its natural cleansing.