Laktomag B6 is a specialist magnesium formulation with high magnesium content and bio-availability, designed for special patients, including children and pregnant women.

This formulation contains a large amount of magnesium in the form of a biorganic salt – a substance naturally present in the human body, with a very high degree of absorption for people. Other ingredients of Laktomag formulations are selected to support patients with special needs, e.g. Laktomag B6 does not contain sugar or ingredients of animal origin.

Laktomag B6

LAKTOMAG B6 is a mineral medicine administered orally. It contains magnesium in the form of readily available organic salt (magnesium hydrogen aspartate – 1000 mg, 70 mg Mg2+ ions) with added vitamin B6 (5 mg), which increases the bioavailability of magnesium and reduces its excretion in urine. The medicine is used to prevent complications related to magnesium and/or vitamin B6 deficiency and to supplement the identified deficiencies. In the conditions of chronic physical and mental fatigue, nervous hyperactivity, in stressful situations, depression, sleep disorders, muscle pain, heart arrhythmia, in the prevention of atherosclerosis and heart attacks, in the treatment of osteoporosis.


LAKTOMAG (suplement diet) – The product is recommended in increased irritability, anxiety, in stressful situations and related sleep difficulties, in headache, in periods of intensive physical and mental effort, during convalescence and in premenstrual stress syndrome.