Cynkokrem® is intended for the protection and care of delicate and irritated skin, or the skin with the symptoms of chafing, e.g. for infants and children, atopic or acne-prone skin, on skin exposed to chafing. Active ingredients: Zinc oxide, panthenol, lanolin, beeswax, sweet almond oil.

To be used from the first days of life.

CYNKOKREM products have a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child.

CynkoKrem GO!®

Cynkokrem GO® is a mild preparation recommended for daily use on sensitive, irritated and prone to irritation skin, e.g. for infants and children, for atopic or acne-prone skin. It protects against chafing, irritation, reddening and nappy rash; if these occur, it alleviates their effects.