Vitamin A Ointment

It clearly improves the level of skin hydration and oiling, the effect of which is visible after the first application. The Vitamin A Ointment is recommended especially for very dry, prone to flaking and easily irritated skin. Regular application will protect the skin from excessive dryness, keratinisation, cracking and flaking. The cosmetic lubricates, moisturises, softens and restores the physiological hydrolipid coat. In addition, vitamin A has regenerative properties and, as a result, it is recommended for skin sores and cracked lip corners. The vitamin A ointment is also suitable for protection against detrimental external factors.


What makes Vitamin A Ointment different from others?

  • It is a huge dose!

  • It is cheap!

  • It is effective!

  • It is a Polish product!

  • It is efficient!

  • Safe in use!

  • It has a creamy consistence!

  • It contains no colourants!

  • You can use it all year round!

  • A powerful moisturiser!

  • Available without prescription!

  • You can apply it onto your whole body!

Application tests*


Improves the oiling of the skin in 100% of cases.


Removes the roughness of the skin in 100% of cases.


Improves hydration and softens the skin in 93% of cases.


Protects against weather in 87% of cases.

*Application tests were conducted under the supervision of specialist doctors – dermatologists, on test subjects – volunteers, at home (home panel). The test subjects – volunteers were selected by a dermatologist, in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki of 1964 (as amended), Polish and EU regulations and Cosmetics Europe guidelines, with regard to inclusion and exclusion criteria.